Monday, March 21, 2011

J.S. I love you

Often there are no words to describe an emotion. I find it easier sometimes to let my heart pour itself out on paper using a paint brush and not a pen. So, call me quirky, but it works for me. Creating something is somehow my way of letting my heart breath. I know it sounds strange but it is true. There is a physical release of energy that allows me to vent my feelings.

After meeting Donna Downey a few times at an art conference and taking her classes. I have grown to love her way of expressing her thoughts in her work. I am totally fed by her. She is a unique person and somehow, though we are so different, I learn from her. Not so much her technique (I still need lots of practice) but the way her heart beats, her passion if you will.

So, this is how I spent a good portion of my weekend, creating something for a dear friend. Emotions, paint, emotions, get the picture. J.S. (Jamie Sue) I love you. Hope you enjoy this little piece of my heart!


MOXIELisa said...

How beautiful!

Kris said...

Wow Heather. That turned out so lovely. I am a huge fan of Donna Downey as well. What you have just completed is all heart and so, so beautiful. I also loved how you shared about creativity allows your heart to breath. That makes so much sense and I just love that about you my friend.