Wednesday, June 23, 2010


It was just simply a fun day!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

gifts with a "kick"

OK, OK! You asked, so here ya have it! I guess I sounded a little secretive in my post about Mr. Roe's father's day gifts. Well, he sneaks over and reads my blog sometimes so I didn't want to blow the surprise.

The girls picked out their gift first. A pair of Skecher's that they thought their daddy would just love (and he did)! The guy loves shoes and he has a ton of them. It's like a bad habbit. He's as bad as a girl sometimes!

Then it was Mama's turn to shop. Mr. Roe had dropped a hint about a snow cone, smoothie maker when we were talking about the party house. I mean, come on, what's a party house without super cool drinks, right?
So, I did some investigating and found just the right "toy"! LOL

It's the Ninja! And let me tell ya, the name says it all. Their slogan is "Rule the kitchen". Well my friend, you can definitely rule with this little dude. I'm talkin' snow dust in just 2 seconds, seriously! It's one ice crushin, ice dust makin' cool machine.

So, the Roe chic's have been the guinea pigs for Dad's new snow cone and smoothie recipes.
But believe me, we aren't complaining!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Saws, boards & nails...oh my!

It sounded like a construction site around here on Saturday. I think this puts us over the #50 mark on the project list. Seriously, I don't know that there has been a period of more than a couple of months that we have not been renovating, painting, tearing something out or building something new. It's just kinda what we do - LOL

Well, here's the deal. We (or maybe I) needed more space. We've brainstormed in the past about adding a "fun house, party house, play house, studio, etc. (call is what ya'd like). So, we decided it was time. The girls are getting older and they love to have their friends over to play. We enjoy company as well and would like to have a place to just have fun. Snow cones, smoothies, the Wii, games galore, fire pit for hot dogs & smores and a front porch/back porch to shoot the breeze. So, it's up! Not finished, but up.

The new addition will serve as our play house and my studio. I want a place that I can set up as a mini photo studio. No, I'm not going pro...I ain't got time! But, it would be nice to have a place for close friends and family to have little mini photo sessions or my girls being silly in front of the lens or maybe a few of those cute little puppies, dogs, kitty's and other small house pets to have a place to come for a little pet photo session.

So, there ya have it! I'll try to post more pics of our progress. Right now, all four walls are up and the roofing is next. My hopes are to have it complete by Christmas. Maybe Santa can set up my backdrops, barn lights and props...that would be cool!

Friday, June 18, 2010

laughing is half the fun

I hope you all have had a great week. It's been a scorcher here in the south, but nevertheless still fun! The girls and I have been busy little bees this week. Today we are off to the big city for a mini road trip. There are lots of shops in HOTlanta that I love and Roxy & Bryar always enjoy seeing the city, big buildings, lights and all the people.

Father's Day is Sunday and I can't wait. Me and the little ones have two surprises waiting to place into the hands of the BEST daddy ever! He's so good to us, seriously, we're spoiled :)

To all of the wonderful men that mean so much to me, Happy Father's Day! And to those great men who have passed from this life, time with you was precious and I am grateful for the moments that we shared. A big hug around the neck is being delivered to you by my guardian angel.
Enjoy your weekend! I can't wait to post about a new project going on here around the house. I'll share a little with you Monday :)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I'm on my way to Utah! Well, maybe not today, but I've got money in my piggy bank and I am filling it more and more each day. I've been wanting to go there for a couple of years. You see, I have a dear friend in that neck on the woods that I would love to see. We both have so much in common and she's cute as a button. She has a beautiful family and is an inspiration to me, daily.

There is also a great photographer there that I would love to see "in action". Her work is beautiful. I don't recall ever seeing such beautiful pictures and unique settings/arrangements/positions.

Seriously, what would be more fun then getting to hang out with Kris and meet a wonderful photographer...Ummm, maybe Kris and I getting our picture made??? Now that would be awesome and a beautiful reminder of friendship that I would hang so proudly in my craft studio. Look out Utah, here I come :)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

he's special

Father's Day is this weekend ( June 20th) and I will have to say, I am ready! The girls and I shopped all day yesterday and we've got things taken care of...early, for once. Now, I think I'll leave the wrapping to Roxanne and Bryar :)

Friday, June 11, 2010

Love it?

Make it! HERE's what'cha need :)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

baby sweetness

There is just one thing that I love more than sugar sweetness! This little one, baby Mia is full of sugar sweetness from her chubby cheeks and legs to her sky lit blue eyes. She's a beautiful baby and she's just as cute as can be!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

colors of fun

Simply put, kids amaze me. Seriously, they do! The way they think, their actions, it's all so simple but yet so complex as to how they put things together. In this video my two little artist are painting with the same paint, on the same wall but yet they go about it so differently. Bryar is painting a squirrel (in case you couldn't figure that out) and Roxy is painting a picture of herself on the beach.

Bryar paints but yet looks away, over to the side while still painting, as if the brush is doing all the work. She never turns her back to see what's going on behind her. She doesn't change paint color often or even move her brush to a different spot (outside of the black blob). Roxanne paints a little here and a little there, then steps back to examine her work and turns as if to show it off or to gain approval from the audience. Then she repeats the process.

I know both of them are at different skill levels/ages but the way they painted so differently just amazed me. It makes me want to try this again in a few years just to see if their techniques/body movements have changed. This was just an observation and is probably meaningless and pointless to you, my blogger friends. It's a mommy thing, we've all done it and we should. It's what makes being a mom so special!

Monday, June 7, 2010

lazy days

Quinky, this is exactly the kind of day I was thinking of! He's a great cat :)

Friday, June 4, 2010


I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! I think that ice cream is probably one of our favorite treats around the house, it's almost a staple. However, there's just something about "going out" for ice cream that makes me happy. Although paying almost $3.00 a cone (and sometimes more) leaves a bad taste in my mouth, I still continue to torcher my pocket book with this obsession.

Our family has adopted a couple of ice cream spots as our favorite, some local and some not so close to home. The kids enjoy the atmosphere and the oodles of ice cream choices and toppings. It's pure fun and getting a sticky ice cream kiss is always the best part!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

forcast: rain, rain, rain

We've had our fair share of rain the past couple of days. It's come in spurts, sprinkles, scattered showers and storms. However, I've been able to scratch off a few items from my "to do" list between the rain clouds. I've managed to clean off the front porch and add a new shelf with a few decor items to spruce it up a bit, plant new flowers/container gardens, clean the back deck and the lawn furniture, wash most of the windows, pack up fall and winter clothes and sorted through closets. I just might get around to cleaning the garage bathroom today...shew!

Well, I hope that this has helped inspire you to get to some of those "dirty" jobs that you've been putting off. It's not the most fun a person can have, but man you feel good when it's all done!