Thursday, February 25, 2010

Oh yeah!

Look what I found! Oh, this little gem is SOOOOOO in my budget ($5) for new spring table decor. I think I might get 2 or 3 or 4 or 6!!!! The best part is that is comes in green and yellow...just what I need!

Tootles, gotta get shopping :)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

happy ears

My ears are happy because they were just tickled by my cheeks! I smiled "ear to ear" when I saw this!

Monday, February 22, 2010

fabulous life

Happy Monday everyone! Today is the day that begins a new life. Today is the day that the sun will shine, even in the rain. Today is the day that life will glow with laughter. Today is going to be a good day and so will everyday that follows. Enjoy your fabulous life, you are only given one!

Friday, February 19, 2010

earth, wind & fire

I have missed you guys out there in blog land. My week has been crazy busy with a mix of a whole lot of weirdness! Ok, let me back up before I move to fast, back to Valentine's week events. Roxanne and Bryar had a fabulous time at their preschool Fairy Tale Ball. I've got tons of pictures to post (maybe later), but I thought this one was just the cutest thing ever! The girls looked precious all decked in their princess attire, prissy hair do's and the whole shebang.

The kids have been out of school this week. They have been hanging with me learning the ropes of running a gift shop. At this point I have total confidence that they would be great as full time employees. They can scan an item with that fun little hand held scanner, they love playing with money, they have the best smiles and they are very eager to learn. Not to mention, the are happy with earning $1.00!

Speaking of the shop, it's getting close to our opening day (March 1st). It seems like time has flown by. Most of our plant products are in. We are still waiting to order our spring flowers. The growers should have them ready by April. So, mother nature has been hovering over the nursery taking in all the fresh beauty of the new arrivals.

The wind has been fierce! "March winds", we've got'em. It's not quite March, but man the wind has been stirring things up. I think the garden center crew has spent more time picking up plants that anything. Craz-EEEEE!!!!

Oh, so I guess you are wondering why my post title includes fire? Well, we had a serious fire. No damage done and no one was hurt thank goodness. My little Roxanne's clothes caught fire on Wednesday. I was guarding a gas heater and she ran between me and the heater. She got so close that her clothes brushed the face of the heater and her clothes immediately started to catch fire. She had a ribbon of rolling flames across her shirt in seconds. The flames never took hold of her shirt. I assume maybe b/c it was kids apparel that there may have been a flame retardant substance in the blend of the fabric. However, my honest thought about the accident is that I serve an amazing God who kept his hand on the situation and spared what could have been a tragic moment.

So, we have had a little crazy weirdness this week. My hopes are that next week things will fall into place as we have planned. Today is not showing any sign of "rest" - LOL I'm on my way to get a head shot of Tommy to submit for a magazine article that he wrote for one of our community magazines. We also had a local news station request an interview with us. They were total impressed with the garden center, yeah! Oh, but that was the day I spilt gas on myself, just thought I'd plug that in for laughs :)

Enjoy your weekend!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

"snow" in love

Happy Valentine's Day! We had a nice early Valentine's surprise with a blast of snow here down south. Mr. Roe and I enjoyed playing and building a snowman with the girls. However, nothing beats a little romance decked in white!

Most of the time we get a lite dusting of snow. However this time, Old Man Winter spiced things up a bit for a nice 4+ inches of fluffy snow. The kids were squealing with excitement from the minute the first snowflake fell from the sky.

It's funny how humans and animals have a very different concept of the meaning of fun. As we ran and played in the snow, Quinky (our cat) was making some horrific moaning sounds and Sam (our dog) was inside shaking and refused to come out of her kennel. It was quite a funny moment, for us, not the animals - LOL

After we built our snowman and ate our share of snow, we headed inside to warm up. Bryar had about two inches of ice that had formed and stuck to the bottom of her boots. My hands felt as if they had been burnt off and the animals needed to be calmed down :)

Later that evening when the sun had gone down, the snow started to look as if it were glowing on the tree branches outside. You know me, I had to get a couple of pictures of this gorgeous and rare event.

Our weekend was full of fun and memories that the girls will be talking about for a long while. Mr. Roe made home made nachos and mini burgers while I piled on the pie and ice cream sundaes all around! I had such a wonderful time. However, I do feel a little spring fever, it's in the mid 50's today. Yep, that's southern weather for ya!
Happy Valentine's Day y'all :)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

berry angelic

OK, so maybe I am overindulging in the sweetness of Valentine's Day. However, I am not so sure that you ever need an excuse (or a holiday) to show a little love, right? Well, we all stuffed our faces full of some "berry" yummy angel food cake last night. Let me just tell ya, it was to die for. Oh, and the chocolate covered strawberries were an added bonus - LOL With some sugar sweet kisses floating around the house, mama will do just about anything to keep them comin' her way! Happy Valentine's...everyday!
Oh, and the plate? No, it's not our anniversary (Sept. we will celebrate #13). I just love fun plates. It's like getting two for one. A great sweet treat followed by a little sweet surprise of cuteness to make the last few crumbs even sweeter! Is that too much sweetness for one post? Naaaahhhhhhhhh :0)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

top it off

Top off your Valentines Day by showing a little love to someone with these adorable pencil toppers. You can print them in seconds and create a unique and quite cute Valentine gift. These would be awesome for kids to give out at school or even for you crafty mama's to make for your kids to use around the house. Do I qualify for the kid part? These would be cute peeking out of my pencil holder! :)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

sweetness X 2

There is nothing sweeter than these two little girls, giggling, hugging and just being sisters! Enjoy your Wednesday :)

Monday, February 8, 2010


Finally, no rain! For a day or so anyway - LOL We have been having buckets of rain pour down upon us for what seems like months now. Today the sky was clear with decent temps in the mid 50's. So, I took advantage of the weather and cleaned out my car. But, better yet, I was finally able to get a few quick snap shots of my Smarty Girl bag. You can catch up on the story HERE.

So, here it is! What do you think? I am in love with it and so is Roxanne. She want me to make her one as well. What other reason do I need to take some time out to sit down and hear my Janome buzz? :)

So, all you crafty gals out there, you gotta get'cha one of these bags, they're awesome! Send me a link to your post/photos if you have made a Smarty Girl bag. I'd love to see it!

Friday, February 5, 2010


True love is so rare, so hard to find and often times taken for granted. I am glad that there are those who never seem to run out of love. No matter what the circumstance is, no matter whose side you're on, no matter what you did/do, right or wrong. True love is just that amazing!
Thanks Mom, for being a great example of what love really means - XOXOXO

Thursday, February 4, 2010

puppy play

We had a great time celebrating with Roxanne at her puppy themed 5th birthday party. She had so much fun with all of her friends and family that gathered with us to celebrate her big milestone. In my last post I was in the midst of making up party favor take home gifts for all of the kids. Well, here's what I was up dough kits!

I wrapped the jars with the puppy paw print paper wrappers, stuffed the jars with plastic baggies filled with the dry ingredients for the play dough mix and added a cute little matching recipe card in the jar with directions on making the play dough. I added a paw print chocolate sucker to the outside of the jar (stuck down between the wrapper & jar) decorated with a variety of cute little plastic dogs, tying them to the sucker with pink ribbon.

A big thanks to my rockin' crafty friend Lisa for her blog post about the party. Her pictures of the play dough jars are awesome and her little girl is just as cute as a button! I am glad you guys are enjoying your gooey goodness!