Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Our living room became center stage Monday night. Tommy and I enjoyed a wonderful magic show by the talented Roxy. Bryar teamed up with her older sister for a second act...a puppet show. The camcorder was rolling along with mommy clicking away behind the lens. We all had a great time enjoying amazing (chuckle) magic tricks, laughing and getting tickled at Roxy's hilarious puppet skits. It was a great night of family fun!

Monday, June 29, 2009


Here's a little peek at a burp cloth that I have been working on for a baby gift. I'm nuts about this squirrel applique! You'll see this little guy again this fall. I've already got some fabric stashed away for an adorable squirrel-able outfit!

I'm seeing spots

I know, first I get Kyoko fever and now I am seeing spots. Well, after a week of sewing projects, I feel at times like I am seeing spots. But, here's the real spots...these colorful polka dots! With two crafty kids and a me, a mother who is a craft addict, I thought that this little reversible crayon apron would have a warm welcome in our home. The peeps over at YCMT have a team of designers with the most adorable patterns. I picked out this one because I could see it's potential. A reversible apron...how clever. So, once again I am addicted to a pattern!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Fired up (part 2)

Here they are...the pictures! Well, some of them anyway. I have used up my "free" space in my Flickr account, so I will have to wait until it renews in July to post the pictures over there. Kimberly did a awesome job on her sushi plate. She used a sponge technique with some awesome stenciling. I used a wash technique to give a worn look to my scalloped bowl. They I painted in a "family tree". No matter what life heaps up, it all come down to the heart of the matter...family. That's the kind of mood I was in when I was painting...I guess it shows!
I hope you have a great weekend and enjoy the pictures!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fired up

I was invited to have a creative girls night out a few days ago and let me tell 'ya, it was SO much FUN! My cousin Kimberly invited me to go with her to a place called Wired & Fired. This place screams creativeness from the inside out. The minute you walk up to the store you it's art, art, art.

The place is filled with a ton of unfinished pottery pieces that are waiting to dazzle with new life. You pick your pottery piece and paint colors then off to work you go. Kimberly and I spent between 2-3 hours getting our "naked" pottery to a piece of art. Being first time pottery painters, we were a bit intimidated and way over stimulated with the task at hand. However, as we progressed through the painting process we seemed to be more at ease and more willing to try new techniques.

We had a great time and I would love to get fired up and take the plunge again. Now that we know what to expect, I think we could enjoy the experience and spread our creative wings a bit more. I think maybe even a scoop more of that delicious Ben & Jerry's ice cream would do wonders for our painting skills!

* I will post more pics soon*

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I have Kyoko fever

WARNING!!! If you have a low tolerance for certain illnesses you may want to stop reading this post. The disease that is being described is somewhat contagious and is said to have a high rate of infection once you are exposed!

It appears that I have been infected with Kyoko fever. This disease seems to have taken hold when I first laid my eyes on the Kyoko pattern. I have waited patiently for it to make it's debut in the marketplace and now I have a copy. I made my very first Kyoko shirt (size 2T) the other day and I noticed this strange feeling, an addiction if you will. If you think you want to take a chance and sew one of these adorable Kyoko shirts (or dresses), I encourage you to do so. However, I felt the need to warn you that this habit may become addictive and you may end up with Kyoko fever - LOL

Tiny campers

These are my tiny campers. The girls are in summer camp this week and they are having a blast. Thanks for all of your thoughts and good luck wishes for Bryar's first day of camp. She did great and seemed to enjoy herself. We were so busy trying to get the girls ready for camp today that I did not get a chance to take a picture before they left. So, we had to take one this afternoon. Their hair is a little out of place and their clothes are everything but straight, but in my eyes it's a good thing. It means that they were running, jumping, laughing and having a good time learning about the love of Jesus and being among friends. I am sure that mommy's tiny campers will rest well this afternoon!

Monday, June 22, 2009

to and fro

My brain is in a total state of overload. Tell me you have been there before :) I have been having so much fun this summer and keeping myself busy that I can't keep up. So, I have decided to dedicate this week to fill you guys in on what's been happening over here.

I have taken way too many pictures of all the events (what's new, right), so I will have to post them on Flickr.com for you to view. You can click the Flickr link on my sidebar to see all the pictures. WARNING...you may find yourself laughing at a few candid shots! I'll try to have them all uploaded today (fingers crossed).

OK, so let me back up. Hmmmmm, where do I begin? Well, I guess you all saw the picture that I posted in my last post. Lets start there, that was my crazy husband and my Dad taking my girls out for a spin. They had a great time, I even got in with Tommy behind the wheel. How scary is that!!!

Let's see...oh, you're gonna love this. I had a girls night out with my cousin Kimberly (love ya girl!). She invited me to explore my creative side with her at a place called Wired and Fired. Let me just tell you, it totally ROCKED!!! We saw tons of cool things on our adventure shopping at side street shops, eating (indulging) Ben & Jerry's ice cream and enjoying a quiet meal at an upscale Thai restaurant. I had a marvelous time and can't wait to do it again!!

I have also been able to catch up on a few sewing projects lately. One has been Modkid's Kyoko shirt/dress pattern. It turned out great. I can't decide it I will post it in my Etsy shop or keep it for Bryar. It's so stinkin' cute! I also made a couple more apron dresses and I am working on a tutu for a friend of mine (Hi Jessica!). Her daughter is as prissy as they come (I love that about little girls) so I am sure she will be all smiles when her mommy gives her a pink tutu to priss around in - LOL I also have made some baby shower gifts and I even made me a skirt...I know, pretty crazy huh!

OK, you're probable getting bored with reading this by now but I warned you there was way too much going on. I'll be quick with the rest (wink). Here goes...we went to Stone Mountain (that was a blast in more than one way), we went to Atlantic Station for an outdoor market, we have a gourd vine growing and taking over the yard, we had a family night enjoying music on the square and we've celebrated graduations and had a wonderful Father's Day weekend. My kids are off to camp this week. Bryar's first day of camp will be Tuesady - wish us both luck!

So, there you have it and now you know why this week will be dedicated to playing catch up. I love summer fun and I love my family. I hope you all are getting a chance to have some family fun enjoying the summer.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Daddy's day

Happy Father's Day!

Friday, June 19, 2009

An accident and a few stitches

With a little one around, things are bound to get broken. Roxanne is learning to adjust to this philosophy pretty well. However, there are still those select few items that she is not to willing to share with her baby sister.

Being a big sister is no easy task, especially when your four. The other night, Roxanne was doing her best to share her bath toys when all of the sudden we heard a "rrrrriiiiiippp" and then a "Mooooooommmmmm, she tore my baby doll", following by a whaling and tears.

We assured Roxanne that the baby was going to be just fine and that it was a simple fix. Her suggestion was that we tape it together. Roxanne is fascinated with tape, she thinks it will fix anything. I suggested stitching the baby, just like the doctors do when there is a severe "booboo". She agreed.

We are keeping a close watch on the baby to make sure that she heals well. Roxanne is an excellent mommy. Bryar needs a little help in that area (wink)!

On a brighter note, guess what...I got to sew!!! Yep, I'll reveal it next week, it's very unique! And, I also had a girls night out. I'll be posting pictures of the nights events next week. You're gonna love what my hands got to do!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Morning milk

It is so sweet to observe a child's behaviour. I love their realness, the way they just enjoy things. Sometimes I think as adults we forget that life does not have to be so "crisp and clean". I was just having fun the other morning with the girls, watching them, laughing with them and being a little corny. You can't help but to sometimes act like a kid when you are around kids, right?

Well, the girls were having fun enjoying each others company and eating their breakfast. Bryar was being a kid, just enjoying life and drinking her milk. She would take big gulps, let it drip down her chin and then lick off the dripping milk. I mean come on, no since in wasting good milk by wiping it off when you could just lick it - LOL!

With Roxanne cackling in the background, me getting tickled and Bryar being entertained by the two of us, she continued to "enjoy" her milk. She decided it would be cool to feel the milk. I mean, you know who wouldn't? After all, her milk has been contained in a bottle or sippy cup for almost two years, I think I would want to try to feel it too (smile)!

Thank goodness for dish rags and paper towels. And thank goodness that there are some days that making a mess is worth the smile that comes behind it!!! Live, laugh and love...always :)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Over the hump

Today is a.k.a. Hump day. So, I am sending you all a little ray of sunshine to get you over the hump. Wishing you all a day filled with sunshine and happiness!

(The picture above is of a blooming sunflower in my front yard, isn't it awesome!)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Green snackin'

If you are looking for a way to go green this summer, check this out! How about giving some reusable snack bags a try. With summer fun and busy days filled with playing at the park, swimming at the pool and running errands here and there, this is a perfect way to go green on the run. The snack bags come in a variety of prints and patterns and this Etsy seller has a variety of other kid friendly and earth friendly products available. Head on over and see what you can do to go green!