Sunday, September 6, 2009

Cast your vote!

Last week I took the girls to a local photographer to have a professional photo portrait made. Ronnie, owner of Pro Studio, has been shooting great pics for my family since I was in high school (way back in the days - LOL). Actually, I have a picture that he took of Tommy and I along side my Jeep Wrangler and best friend, Allie...a beautiful golden retriever. The photo was taken as part of my high school senior pictures. Yep, I married my high school sweetheart...aweeee!

Ronnie asked if he could place one of Bryar's photos in a baby photo contest for the Pregnancy Resource Center for Henry County, I agreed and she's in! The contest winner is based on the number of votes that your child receives. The winner will receive a $1,000.00 savings bond to be used for educational purposes.

So, are you ready to vote??? If so, click HERE, Bryar's ID # 20810-0018. Thank you for your vote!


Kortnee said...

Already voted! That little spunky thing has to win! Love the picture!

Cheri said...

I cast my vote for the little princess - I hope she wins. :)

Cheffie-Mom said...

How cute!! I'm on my way to vote!!

Kris said...

Off to vote! She's adorable!!