Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Heather is a great name

How awesome is having the same name as someone you admire! Being a crafty person, I am drawn to other crafty people. However, there are those few people that I seem to share more common interest with, one of them being Heather Bailey. I was able to attend one of her classes at the Inspire conference a few months ago. After the class my friend Lisa Bacon and I joined her for a lunch date where we were able to talk to her one on one. She's real and full of fun, she's genuine and such an interesting person. If you are a Heather Bailey fan, you'll want to check out her interview with Studio 5. It's a great segment with Heather, showing off her patterns, fabric and even a "how to" tutorial for her fabric flower...so FUN!!!!

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Kris said...

That was a GREAT segment! I was so sorry to have missed the Startup Princess Conference that weekend. Kim and I had planned on going because it was only an hour and a half away from us, but we were out of town. It was such a bummer! That's so neat that you and your friend were able to have lunch with her! What an honor! She just seems so warm and genuine.

Oh, and guess what? Kim got a phone call just 2 days ago from Studio 5 and they want her to come and do a segment on October 16 on easy Halloween costumes! So her and I are busy putting some things together for our little models! :)