Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Brrrrr.....! Are you guys feeling the cold blast from Old Man Winter as well? These below average temps here in the south are fierce! Don't get me wrong, I do love winter, much more so than summer. I love the layered look and it's the only time of year that you can use your breath and your fingers to make silly faces and shapes on glass windows.
So, how many of you can say that you're DONE with your Christmas list? I have bought for everyone except Mr. Roe. He's kind of like Santa. If he wants it, it seems to magically appear or he goes out to his shop and makes it. Sooooo....I am lost on what to do. The kids are getting more and more giddy everyday. Bryar brings me a present form under the tree almost hourly and ask if it's Christmas yet. Poor kid!
Anyone out there still carry on a family tradition? If so, share it with me. I always love to hear how people celebrate Christmas. Hmmmm.....maybe a giveaway is in order. Post a comment and I'll make this fun!


Cheri said...

We just started this last year and hope to continue...we live on a street with mostly elderly people. So the boys and I make cookies and goodies, place them in Christmas tins, then go make deliveries to our neighbors as a family to several older people right around our house on Christmas Eve. We had a great time walking around our little neighborhood, plus the boys loved getting to pass out the goodies! And the look on the faces of our neighbors when they see our boys cute lil' faces smiling and saying, "Merry Christmas!" is awesome!

Hope your family has a Merry Christmas!!!

Kris said...

You are so good! I still have a ways to go. Hopefully I can finish things up this weekend so that next week I can just relax! Every year, I choose a different country to share with the kids how they celebrate Christmas. We look up their traditions and special foods. Then on Christmas Eve, we celebrate in that manner. Last year was Mexico and that was a lot of fun with a pinata! This year we are going to do Sweden. Then at the end of the evening we always act out the nativity and read from The Bible. Merry Christmas!

Heather said...

Hi Ladies!

Thank you both so much for your wonderful post of your holiday traditions with family. I love what both of you said. WOW, how cool would it be to visit you all at the Christmas season and join in on the fun. You are both so clever.

I just posted the giveaway information on the blog. be sure to check it out and let me know what item you would like. Merry Christmas to both of you - :)