Tuesday, May 10, 2011


friend [frend]
:A person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard.

I don't know at what age a child recognizes a friend. I don't know at what age a child learns to love or understands being loved. However, I do know that friendship begins in each one of us, in our heart. As I watch Roxanne in these last few days of Kindergarten, I have noticed that friendship is a very important part of her everyday happiness. It's her friends that make her happy.

As a child, I can remember summer camps, VBS and other youth oriented social events that capitalized on the value of friendship. Friendship bracelet's, pen pals, BFF's...these were all part of childhood fun. So, to make the transition into 1st grade (leaving behind her K5 friends) a little easier, I went back to my childhood and thought about what made me happy.

When I presented to her the idea of making friendship bracelet's for all of her classmates, she was thrilled. It would be something for them to keep to remember her by and to remember those fun, silly laughs that they shared. It's tough to say goodbye to friends but it's nice to know that friendship lives in your heart and it's never a goodbye, forever!

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