Monday, May 2, 2011

She's the queen of everything!

Have you ever met someone that can create something out of anything? Have you ever sat across from someone and watched them turn a plain piece of paper into a work of art? Have you ever known someone that can tap into the Internet and create a web design that is out of this world? Have you ever laughed with someone and felt how real they are and how awesome there spirit of friendship is? I have. Everyone, check this out!

Lisa is the creator of Moxie Pear and all of its coolness. I have known Lisa for several years and the only thing that changes is that she gets better and better at what she does. She's the queen of everything I tell ya! She can sew, paper craft, design, write and she can take a photo like nobody's business! Check out Moxie Pear for some awesome unique handmade items. I'm sure your shopping cart will fill up fast!

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