Monday, June 11, 2012

Learn, Play, Create - Clip it!

Happy Monday!  It's a rainy Monday here in the south so crafting indoors is a perfect way to enjoy the day.  Today we will be learning how to customize a simple clip board.  When your project is complete you will have something that your little one (or yourself) can use for all sots of things.  Like I said, this is a simple version.  There are no sticky glues, paste or drying time needed! 

~~This project should be completed by an adult~~

wood/laminate clipboard
straight edge (razor) cutting tool
large cutting mat
contact paper
ribbon or tulle
dry cloth

To get started, unroll your contact paper over your cutting mat.  Make sure that the the grid or bottom side of the contact paper is face up.  Lay your clipboard on top of the contact paper.  The backside of the clipboard should be touching the backside (grid side) of the contact paper.  Line up the clipboard with the grid lines on the contact paper.  If your contact paper has a directional print, make sure that the direction of the paper is going the same direction as the clipboard.  Making sure that your cutting mat and contact paper are in place, carefully cut around the edges of the clipboard.  Go slow and be sure to hold the clipboard so that it doesn't slip while you are cutting around it. 

Once your contact paper has been cut, peel away about 2 inches of the bottom edge of the backing of the contact paper and start laying it/sticking it to the bottom edge of the clipboard (the right side of the clipboard, not the back).  Be sure to line up the edge and sides.  Once your contact paper is lined up and you have a good start, begin unrolling more of the backing off of the contact paper.  Use the dry cloth to smooth out any air bubbles as you unroll and stick down the contact paper. 

Once you reach the top of the clipboard, around the metal clip area, use your straight edge cutting tool to cut around the metal clip.  Making small cuts around this area will be helpful.  One your contact paper is stuck onto the surface of the clipboard, be sure to use your dry cloth to smooth out any remaining air bubbles. 

OK, now it's time to add ribbon or tulle to your clipboard.  You can use any size or length that you would like.  Simply cut and tie it around the metal clip.  I used 3x7 in. pieces of tulle on the clipboard pictured above.  You can also attach a pen  to the clipboard by using a long piece of ribbon and tying it to the metal clip.