Thursday, May 31, 2012

project: an apple a day

Welcome to the first blog post for Learn, Play, Create!  Thank you all for joining me here on the blog.  Toddlers, tweens and even you adults will find this project very fun and super simple.  Kids, please make sure that there is an adult nearby for help with this project.  Let's get started!

acrylic paint or finger paint
sponge brush (works best) or paint brush
cardstock or other heavy weight paper/canvas
brown or black marker

Today we will be making a stamped apple print using apples as our stamp.  Pretty simple, huh!  To get started you will need at least one apple, maybe more depending on how many color choices you want.  First, have an adult slice an apple (or apples if you are stamping more than two color) in half.  ~IMPORTANT~  Make sure that you apple is sliced as straight and even as possible through the core.  This will allow the apple to lay flat on the stamped surface.~

You should now have two (or more) apple halves.  Using a sponge brush, apply paint to the open side of the apple in your choice of color(s). 

After you have applied paint to the apple half, place the apple half face down onto the paper or canvas that you want to be stamped.  Press firmly but be sure not to slide or move the apple half around on the paper.  Also, you will need to reapply paint as needed after you stamp your apple.

Younger children may need to have help from an adult due to the apples being a little slippery and oversized for their small hands.

Once you have finished stamping with your apple halves, allow the paper/canvas to dry completely.
When the paint has dried, you can use a brown or black marker to draw on stems and apple seeds.

Your finished apple stamped art work should look similar to this!

~If the apple was not evenly sliced you may notice that the apple stamp is not filled in. Use your sponge brush and carefully fill in around the areas that the apple did not stamp.~

You may also want to try using fabric paint to decorate canvas bags, tshirts, aprons and other items.
Happy stamping!