Friday, August 29, 2008

Get your belt

My little one has become a compulsive belt wearer (if that is a word). She loves to put on belts...belts around her arms, legs, chest, etc. She likes to wear them properly as well, but it can be a hassle when it come to potty time. Toddlers tend to be very independent when it comes to dressing themselves and doing things by their self.
With Roxy's current belt fetish, I have been on the look out for cute, easy to fasten belts. I was searching on-line when I came across Myself Belts. They have a slew of boys, girls, teens and even adult belts that can be fastened using just one hand. Click over to and you will find a variety of patterns and prints and even personalized belts. Myself Belts has been featured in some of the top selling parent friendly magazines and is being sold in select retail stores such as Nordstrom and Stride Rite.

Visit their site for a full list of details concerning styles, pricing, ordering info. and available retail locations.

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