Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The big 1

Bryar with her MiMi
Bryar's cute lil' miss august socks

the cake

the outfit

We celebrated Bryar's 1st birthday this weekend with a house full of family members. What could be any more fun than to be surrounded by family and watching an innocent little girl take it all in? Little Bryar had a great time at her party. She even stayed out late with some of the crowd that ventured over to Fun Town to ride some go karts and play put-put. It has been an exciting year watching Bryar grow and learn new things. She is a wonderful child and a beautiful little girl. Mommy loves you Bryar!

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Aunt Danille said...

Yes, she is a beautiful one-year-old! Aunt Nille loves her, too, and was so glad that I got to celebrate her big milestone with her!! Have a wonderful 2nd year, baby girl!! :o)