Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The battle of the passy

Who said being a mother was easy? Not me! Let me just tell ya, when you know the baby you've got will probably be the last one (planned anyway) it's hard to let them grow up. I myself love bottles and diaper. Yes, I am a weirdo. But, I do love the whole diaper bag, baby stuff mumbo jumbo. Our little Bryar is now 16 months old and we have decided it is time to let go of the passy. I do not mind the passy, better yet, I think it's cute! However, Bryar is trying her best to talk and I feel like the passy is a bit of a hindrance to her. So, I have started limiting the use of the passy. We have been limiting the use of the passy to sleep time while at home. We do still take the passy along with us if we leave the house (duh..of course, right?). It is just killing me to make her get rid of the passy. She loves that little nub! Anyway, we hope to have her broke from the passy by 18 months. Wish us (scratch that - ME) luck!
Have no fear, mommy is not on a strict schedule - LOL!


Aunt Danille said...

Well, I say let the little angel keep her "pa pa" just as long as she wants!! :-D No, really, I understand your motives, and wish you the best. I agree she is a CUTIE with her little mouth buddy in place! (What an ADORABLE picture!!!) Best of luck with this endeavor, Mommy!!

Lisa said...

Gia had a passy until she was about 2 1/2 at night and naps. She had bitten it down to pretty much nothing. We just took it away one night and that is all it took. I thought she would freak out but she did fine. I think a lot of the time it's Mommy and Daddy that are scared to let things go! LOL I know I was.

Cheri said...

Dylan had his passy until 18 mos. He lost the last one behind the bed so we decided to try keeping it "lost". He never had one again! Now Maddox loves his thumb and we haven't even started trying to take that away. But the difference with his thumb is he only does it when he is tired. So it is not affecting his speech like a passy would. It is so cute that I will hate it when we have to stop it! Our babies are growing up so fast :(