Thursday, January 22, 2009


Last week my computer began to act funny, make weird sounds and shut down spontaneously. Yep, sounds pretty freaky. After tinkering with it a bit I decided that I should hand it over to a techno. geek that could read computer language. It's been in the hands of my friend Eddie ever since. He is working on my fried windows vista program daily, trying to get it up and running. I was kind of thinking I would have it back by now, but no such luck. Anyway, that's kind of been what's up with not being able to post. I have tons of pictures, funny stories and a hoopla of a good birthday to share with you all. I will post pictures of the latest events soon. Just waiting on my computer to get well - LOL

I did want to share this little tidbit that I found on Etsy while searching for some custom computer accessories. I stumbled across this laptop sleeve and it caught my eye. I love anything with birds so this little find was right up my alley! You can take a peek at it here


Cheri said...

Sorry to hear your computer has been "under the weather"! Hope that you had a great birthday. I know we have been playing phone tag. We have had a crazy week, hopefully I will talk to you soon!

Kris said...

Oh Heather! I absolutely HATE computer trouble!!! I sure hope you can get it up and running quickly!

That bag is BEAUTIFUL. Talk about style.