Wednesday, January 7, 2009


It's a new year and a great time to rethink, reorganize and renew. My life is screaming Re-DO! Not just rethink, but all! Did I emphasize the "DO" part? Sometimes, I tend to rethink and revamp but I have a hard time actually doing the things I plan. So, this year, I have vowed to myself to DO all of those things that I have made list for, planned for and saved for.

One of my goals is to find my creative niche and hit it hard. I love all things creative, so settling down with one will not be an easy thing. However, if I want to expand and make my business grow, it's a must. Second, I want to organize family time. Not just my family inside of my four walls, but outside family. I want to have family over more. Not just for birthdays and Christmas. More like, just because! Last but not least, I want to organize my time. No, not the time I have in a day, but my "me" time. I do not take time for myself. Being a stay at home mom means that mommy duty never ends. I need to find my time. Time that I can do what I want to unwind or to prepare for the day. Even if it's a journal entry, making a cup of hot tea, taking a bath (alone, without bubbles and squirt guns-LOL) by candle light, reading my favorite magazine, etc. I need to find time to be alone and be at ease.

I hope you are enjoying the new year and it's opportunity to refresh your life and yourself. You don't have to make long overdone list of things to accomplish. Sometimes, just telling that special someone that you love them is all that it takes! Goals are not things that you have to set high with unreachable task. But they should be things that you can accomplish with little effort and minimal stress. Something that gives you a sense of accomplishment..that warm and fuzzy all to good feeling. Kind of like your first crush!

Happy new year!

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Danille said...

OK, you've inspired me! What great thoughts you've expressed in this blog posting...sounds like a GREAT plan!! I say "go for it" with your creative blossoming! OF COURSE I say "WOO HOO, ABSOLUTELY GO FOR IT!!!" on the family time organizing :-) :-), and I am in complete, total agreement with you on the "me time" commitment! That's a MUST, especially as we find ourself only getting older! That particular goal is also one of mine this year. I want to truly discover my likes/dislikes and things that bring me pleasure, without worrying about what others think--do it for ME. Well, good luck with your goals! They are very realistic, and I know that you will meet them! It looks as though you are off to a great start!!