Tuesday, May 12, 2009

a trip worth taking

( Inspire conference gear )

Well, it's time for me to fill you in on "Inspire", the conference that I attended last Thursday. It all started last Monday when I was reading through my blog reads when I stumbled across this amazing news. Faced with a 4.5 hour drive to North Carolina, I knew this may be the only chance that I would get to attend a class taught by the well known, Heather Bailey. Being a huge fan of her products, I quickly made arrangements to attend. I called up my friend Lisa and she was all for taking the class (she's a big fan of Heather's as well). So, geared with our scrapbooking supplies, we headed out on Thursday morning to NC.

A journal by Donna Downey

fabric scrapbooking by Donna Downey

We had a great trip, the roads were clear and the cops kept their distance - LOL We arrived a few minutes early and kind of familiarized ourselves with things. As we took a quick peek into Donna Downey's booth, I came across this book. It tugged on my creative side and I had to purchase it. Then, by pure luck, I got the chance to meet Donna at the conference and she signed my book (smile). She is a great gal, very kind and she likes blue (wink)!

Lisa and I hung out and chatted with a few of the ladies waiting on the class to start. There were so many creative, talented women there. It was so inspiring (no pun intended)! There were ladies with handmade totes, carry all's, craft aprons, clothing items, jewelry...you name it. Lisa and I felt kind like duds that we had not went the extra mile to dress the part. However, it was a last minute road trip and we were just excited to be there.

(Me working on my flutterby book, sporting Heather's Trash Ties in my hair)

As we entered the class, Heather Bailey greeted the class with a warm Hello and a sweet smile. Everything about her was just as I had imagined, a simple, sweet and incredibly talented chic. Lisa and I began to work on our project as Heather was giving instructions. Heather did a few giveaways and I was a lucky winner. How cool is that! I won two patterns, the Fresh-Picked pincushions and the La Fluer Debris flower pin. I also got a set of clear stamps from her scrapbook line. I was so excited and it was so thoughtful of Heather to give door prizes.

We worked diligently on our project with time running out quickly. It seemed as if the class time (1 hour) passed so quickly. Heather offered to give photo opps. and autographs after class to those who were interested. Lisa and I definitely wanted to participate, I had to have my pincushion pattern signed! So, we hung around after class and were able to have a few pictures snapped with Heather and we even had a chance to chat one on one. Heather was so kind to us and she even agreed to join us for a quick bite to eat!
(Thanks Lisa for all of the great photos)

OK, so I will have to admit I was a little nervous, after all I was driving Heather Bailey around in a strange town. But, after just a few minutes of Lisa and I chatting with her, I was relaxed and enjoying myself. Heather is very down to earth and a super easy person to talk to. She is very interesting, she's got a lot of funny stories to tell. It would have been so great to have had more time to talk with Heather, she's just that kind of person. Maybe it's the common interest, maybe it's the name but something just tugged at me wanting to get to know her more.

To say the least, the class was worth the trip. I want to encourage any of you who have the least little spark of interest in creativity to ignite that spark with the Inspire conference. I will try to post the dates for the next conference as soon as they become available. Lisa and I def. plan on attending next year. I would love for others to join us. I promise, you will be "Inspired"!

( My finished flutterby book)

You can see more pictures of my finished flutterby book in my Flickr photostream


Cheffie-Mom said...

How fun! I love the journal. Oh, and I love your music - have I told you that? (:

sweetfunkyvintage said...

I had the chance to meet Heather a little over a year ago, and I felt the same way - what an incredibly sincere and genuine person. What a great opportunity you had to experience the inspire workshop! Thank you for sharing it with us on your blog!