Thursday, October 8, 2009


There have been times in life that I have felt as if I have let myself down along with others around me. There are times that I have said, "If I could do it all over again". There have been times that I have thought about choices and decisions that I have made and how they would effect others around me for the rest of my life along with theirs. All of us have had "a bad day". All of us have situations and circumstances that may make us at times seem different or out of the ordinary in our character or demeanor.

There is one word that has been poured into my life stronger than ever over the last several months, it's love. The way we love each other, the way we talk to one another, the way we hold onto every minute that we walk upon the face of the earth. Our hearts should ring with the sound of love, enough love to
forgive, forget and focus.

The nights that I go to bed thinking, did I love enough, was I too hard on this child(ren) or did I neglect to "play" to little today. The moments when I would rather be among friends or at least co workers to get outside of the kids zone, where I have cleaned up more than my share of messes for the day. Or, those days when the love of my life comes home and he fades into the craziness of household duties and there's not a moment given to him to say, "So, how was your day". It's only after these things happen that I think about what I should have been done/said...etc.

All of you are probably saying, "been there, done that". As moms I think we all feel inadequate in what we do. We would like to do more for our kids, more for our family, more, more, more. But we all know there are just so many hours in a day and we were only given two hands. As a stay at home mom, there is never that award of "employee of the month" or any certificate handed out for being on top of the game. However, when your home is a haven of love and a place where you see little smiles coming your way, it's a reward that no certificate can hold a candle to.

I want to share a story with you of a tremendous young woman. I have never met her, I have only followed her blog. For over a year I have watched how life and a near tragic accident has changed her life in a huge, huge way. This is a story of a mother who's soul purpose for living is her family. Her life story is a true example of forgive, forget and focus.

I may not know what life will bring, but I do know who holds my hand. Ladies, I introduce to you Stephanie Nielson and her amazing struggle to overcome life's hard times and to see joy in all the things around her. She is an image of strength and a mother to be admired. Click HERE to see her recent interview with an everyday stay at home mom. Oprah aired her interview yesterday (Wed. Oct.7th). It was an amazing segment.


Kris said...

Heather, your post today was so beautiful and poignant. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and I know that every mom who reads this will be uplifted because of your words.

I just love Stephanie's story and how she has turned something so tragic into something remarkable. She realizes the noble calling she has as a mother and she has embraced it with everything in her. My soul is stirred each time I read her blog and then watching the Oprah segment yesterday really put things in perspective for me again and makes you realize how blessed each of us are.

Cheffie-Mom said...

Very beautifully written, Heather. Thank you for sharing this.

Stephanie and her story are amazing. We all need to take the time to stop and count our blessings.

Hugs and Blessings to you and your family.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! You are a pretty great mom as well. Your post is astounding & I admire you always.

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Wow, Heather! I just happened on your blog today...but what a beautiful story! I'm sure I'm not the only one with tears in my eyes...It's easy to forget to be thankful for the little things!!! Thank you for sharing this story! ~Janine XO

Courtney said...

You did such an amazing job of putting into words so many feelings that I have. Thank you for taking the time to write this and help us all vocalize our feelings in such a uplifting way.

And, I love the picture!