Tuesday, October 13, 2009

nursery decor for sale

It is with many mixed emotions that I write this post. My little Bryar is now fast asleep, for the very first night in her new "big girl" bed. After only two episodes of getting up out of her bed and making a running dash down the hall, she finally settled in and drifted to sleep.

I now have an empty nursery (sniff,sniff). I am proud to watch my baby grow into a fun and loving toddler. However, it is quite difficult to see her baby decor become something of the past. It is time for someone else to enjoy this beautiful and elegant nursery bedding along with all of it's adorable accessories. If you or anyone you know is in the market for decorating a nursery for the arrival of a baby girl. Please feel free to pass on this information.

You can take a closer look at the items that I have for sale HERE at Wendy Bellissimo's website. The nursery decor line is the Vintage Teaberry. The items I have available are as follows

bed sheet, bed bumper, bed skirt, mobile (with music), 3 peg shelf, the lamp, moses basket w/blanket, baby love wall hanging/picture, rabbit wall hanging/picture, bed pillow/throw pillow,
velvet baby blanket, 3 window valances, 2 window panels, lined basket

I will also be selling her crib. The picture below shows the detail of the crib. All of these items are in excellent condition. Please email me if you need further information!


Anonymous said...

Well, it would be sold right to me if I were having another baby right now! I love it!! Post it on facebook, and you will sell it within hours! Love y'all

Courtney said...

Oh, how well I know the feelings you are having right now.

I'm not really sure I know how to or want to live in a home with no cribs, highchairs, or strollers. Yet, I love the gift of seeing these precious ones blossom into such beautiful young ladies each and everyday.

So very bittersweet.

That is such a lovely set, I am sure some new Momma is going to love and adore it as much as you did!

Anonymous said...

Hello, I have been searching for some Wendy Bellisimo items for my daughter's nursery and happened to come across your blog. My name is Sara and I am from upstate New York. If the items are still available, I would be more than happy to give them a happy home. If you would be so kind as to e-mail, I would very much appreciate it. My e-mail is sbeier79@yahoo.com. Thank you!