Thursday, March 25, 2010

it's all in my head

This pretty poppy boquet fabric will become Easter dresses for my girls. The problem is, it's all in my head. I can see the outfit(s), the color combo layout, the fit and the detail. Now, all I need is to find a few extra hours to make it happen.....hhhhmmmmmm!


Lynette said...

I can relate, ugh! Got lots of "stuff" in my head too....need more time.
I'm sure you'll make the time; although I often wonder if you have a deal with Mother Nature or something. Like does she give you more hours in the day than she does me?
You are sooo driven you inspire people like me:)

Cheri said...

Yep, while I was reading this post I was thinking, "well if Heather has it in her head, then consider it already done! I know she will find time to get it done and it will be beautiful when finished." Good luck with the Easter outfits, can't wait to see the pics of the finished product on those cute little girls of yours! :)

Kris said...

OH my goodness! I'm in LOVE with that fabric!!!!! I can just picture the gorgeous dresses for the girls. I know you'll be able to pull it off. Please post pictures!!!