Monday, September 20, 2010


My motivation level is at zero today and I am not sure that I can gear myself up for much more than a three as a high score. I know, it's pretty pathetic, really. The kids are off to school (Thanks, Tommy!) and I am sitting here snuggled in my robe with my laptop. This is somewhat of a reward moment to myself for using part of my weekend to complete my chore list.

The brisk mornings and the cool night air are sure signs that fall is almost here. We will say goodbye to summer and embrace fall with open arms. I purchased the kids Halloween costumes last week. Our order of pumpkins arrived at the garden center a few days ago and the girls now have spooky glow in the dark hand soap in their bathroom. Now I've just got to dig out my fall decor!

I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend. I am excited about some fun things that we've got going on over here this week. I'll share some of them soon. Oh, and I finally took a few pictures of the girls room. Remember that "redo"that I posted about months ago. Enjoy your Monday!

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