Friday, October 29, 2010

Sew, this is it!

You may have guessed by the picture of the boxes in my previous post that I was getting a bit organized. I was in such need of a little organization, oh so badly. All you crafter's out there know that your crafting space is most of the time, less than desirable. That is unless you are in the high end of being a designer of some sort. But, for all of us crafty moms that do it for a hobby, therapy and just for simple pleasure, our space is easily cluttered and overtaken by our children or "little crafter's" as I like to call them.

I moved into Bryar's old room/nursery after the girls decided to share a bedroom together. As you can see in the "before" pictures, the mural on the wall kind of gives it away that the space was in need of a makeover. With limited time and funds, I had put the project off for quite some time. Once it had developed into the mad mess that you see, I had to regain my territory.
Yes, it was quite embarassing to say least.
Thank goodness I could shut the door to this eye sore when needed! LOL

So, a trip to Ikea was in order. I needed lighting, organization and a kid friendly atmosphere that would blend well in a creative space. I decided to go a little brighter and bolder in my accent colors, and spruce things up a bit. Along with new lighting and a wonderful organizing cube, I added shelving, painted a chalkboard on the wall for the kids and moved other things around a little to stretch the space. The bright colors in the rug are so fun and the small kids table & chair set is perfect for my little crafter's.

We are so much more comfortable in our new space. It's not a show room nor does it compare to other crafting spaces that I have seen. However, it works and the view is awesome! I'm not sure why I didn't move to a window view sooner.

Everything has it's own place, the kids art and creations can be displayed on the shelves and on the art wire. The chalkboard is super fun and I love to hear the girls giggle as they draw.

There's a great guy behind this project that helped me pull it all together.

Mr. Roe, I am so in love with you!


moxieLisa said...

Look at that awesome space! Gotta love IKEA (you know I do LOL)

Jana Floyd said...

Very nice, Heather. There is a drafting table at Ikea that has caught my eye... hmm.. I need an art studio!!

Lynette said...

AWESOME!!!! I wouldn't know what to do if I had all that space - naw, I'd figure it

Heather, it looks GREAT!!!

So happy for you and your little crafters too!

Oh, and GOOOO Tommy!

Kris said...

This room transformation turned out A-MA-ZING!!!!!!!! Oh, I just love it! And love, love, love IKEA. You did such a great job- now it's going to allow that creativity to just ooze out of you even more my friend!