Tuesday, February 15, 2011

cut the fat

Am I the only one who just about has a fit, when that one time of year comes along and you see Girl Scouts out selling those delicious cookies? Yes, I am the lady that will buy 10 boxes and not think twice. My absolute favorite are the Samoas.
Following them in a very close second place are the Do-Si-Dos.
So, I bet your just shocked that this yummy goodness jumped into my grocery cart, right?

The best part about it is that you can top it with this and still have added O fat grams!! Seriously, I could eat this for every meal...Yum-O!

1 comment:

Cheri said...

Oh My Goodness!!! I might go out right NOW and buy some...Samoas is my favorite also, and ice cream is my all time favorite! So putting them together is a dream come true! yummy! :)