Monday, March 5, 2012

I hope that you all enjoyed your weekend.  We've weathered through some tough storms here in Georgia over the past few days.  My heart goes out to those who had tragic events take place due to the storm damage.  I was thrilled to see the sunshine pop through the blinds in my room this morning.  Today has been bright and sunny (still windy) and full of four year old fun, thanks to little Bryar.

I thought I would share another picture of some of the items that I made for my soon to come niece, Corley.  I spruced up a little trunk/box that I found at Michael's.  I added a coat of paint and I used my Silhouette machine to add a cute vinyl elephant and personalization.  I tucked in her baby doll, a quilt, some upstyled onesies, and bibs.  It was a box full of handmade goodies just for her!

Here's a picture of the topside of the baby quilt.  I pieced it together using various shades and styles of vintage chenille.  It turned out so beautiful that I thought about just having another baby and keeping it for myself...NOT!  However, parting with it was a little easier knowing that I will soon get to hold a sweet newborn baby girl wrapped up in all that chenille lusciousness.

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Cheri said...

So sweet! Your handmade goodies are the best gifts! :)