Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A creative mess!

There is a contest for the "best" (if you can call it that) creative mess going on at the Vintage Chic Boutique (hi Chelsea!). You can check it out here I have purchased many of her sewing patterns. There is an outfit in one of the pictures below that I used her stripwork skirt pattern to create...isn't it cute!
This is my little corner of the house where all of my creative ideas take place. These pictures were taken during one of my project moments. Things are usually not in such ciaos. However, I still can not believe that I am letting you see this sneak peek of my MESS!!!! Well, here it is...view with CAUTION!

This picture was taken at a safe distance....AWAY!

Notice my empty lunch plate. WOW..I ate that day!

Do you like the Barbie trash can? That's an addition

from my three year olds room. Thanks Roxanne!

Yep, I sew on this tiny little desk..can you believe it?

It holds all three of my machines but gives little room

to spread out my projects.

This is my fabric stash section with bits and pieces of

other items such as those Similac cans you see back

there. They are going to be used...I promise!

Nice shoes! One's on the desk and ones on the floor..hmmm!

I rescued it out of the hands of death..Bryar. She was trying

to snatch off every bead that she could (with her teeth).

So, now you've seen it all! Oh well, don't

we all have a "junk" spot. If not, you're

not normal!

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Your "Normal" sis, Danille said...

The skirt is cute! If you entered the contest, I wish you luck! However, I do have to say that your 'creative mess' looks very organized! :o) Maybe Santa will bring you your wished-for craft studio!!