Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Mommy life!

This post is for me! Yep, I am stealing this one. Mommy life...now there's a huge topic! Being a mommy is not always an easy task, but it is always rewarding. From time to time I get the mommy blues just as all of you, I am sure. With busy schedules, impatient little ones and a husband that never stops working (so it seems), life can be stressful! With that in mind, I wanted to take the time to tell myself and you other moms that mommy life is grand. In all of the ups and downs of emotions and lack of time for yourself, it is indeed one of life's greatest blessings. I hope that each of you will be encouraged that you are not the only one out there lost in "mommy do" land. I love my little princess girls and ever thing that goes in the mommy life package!


Danille said...

I have to say that I agree with you 100%!! Life is most certainly not complete until you've experienced all the joys of "mommyhood"! I absolutely could not imagine what my world would be like without my prince and princess...boring and mundane, for sure!! Great post!!(and I love the pictures!)

Jana Floyd said...

Beautiful pictures!!! I love the personality showing through in all of them.

Cheri said...

How many pictures did you take to get those cute shots? ha!ha! :)

You are blessed with a beautiful family, thanks for the reminder of the joys of being a mother. I am thankful everyday for Russell, Dylan & Maddox!

Thanks so much for sharing this post and beautiful pictures!