Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Lights on

Remember the Lite Brite? My mind takes me back to a darkened bathroom floor, doors closed, where my cousin Amy and I would sit and play with our Lite Brite. We would stay in there forever making all kinds of silly things on the Lite Brite board. Back then, you had to plug the Lite Brite in. It would get hot from the large bulb on the inside and those pegs never seemed to want to go into the holes very easily. Needless to say, Hasbro has revamped the Lite Brite and it's pretty cool!

I purchased one for Roxy a couple of weeks back. I had the whole, "Awe, I used to have one of those" moments in the store when I saw it. They now come in a variety of colors. They have picture sheets for guided push peg art. It also now comes with a handy little built in tray for all of those tiny pegs. Pretty clever if I say so myself.

Roxy and I both have been enjoying her new Lite Brite. She stays busy for long periods of time making new designs and redoing old ones. It's tons of fun and easy on the wallet!


Cheffie-Mom said...

Lite Brites are so much fun! Love the photo!

Kris said...

I just bought one of those for my nephew's birthday last week! He LOVES it! I think it is so fun the way they have revamped them. I, too, remember them when I was a little girl!