Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Reuse it!

I recently took the girls to the library for our bi-weekly book return and check out. The girls love to play on the computers, look at new books, play with the puzzles and of course the highlight of their visit is to see Mrs. Deborah (or Deb'r as Bryar says)!
I saw this book and the minute I flipped to the front page, I knew it was a keeper. This wonderful book, My Forever Dress by Harriet Ziefert, is a unique story to teach little ones some very important things. The book talks about the child's love for her grandmother, the talent of sewing, reusing/recycling materials, gift giving and changes in life as our bodies grow.
Roxanne and I both loved the book. I mean come on, it's about sewing. What's not to love! The book is filled with bright colored art, pictures of paper pattern pieces, sewing supplies and other fun pictures. It's a keeper. We've gotta save up some money in our piggy bank and then we are off to purchase this book. Yea, we love it that much!

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