Friday, April 6, 2012

pastel parade

Ahh, Spring is here!  We are surrounded in a rainbow of color both inside and outside of our home.  The birds are singing their beautiful melodies and the very bowels of the earth are breaking ground in all of its beauty.  I love this time of year!

We are in full swing preparing for the Easter Bunny to trot down our bunny trail.  We've decorated the house in a parade of Easter pastels.  We've dyed eggs to satisfy Bryar and her love for hard boiled eggs.  As for me, I just love all of the beautiful colors and I enjoy a hard boiled egg in my salad, too. 

My aunt made these beautiful dyed egg shells years ago that I proudly display on our dinning room table.  They are a treasure and someday I hope to attempt making some of these myself.

We have plastic eggs filled with candy waiting to be hunted, jelly beans being used for bunny bait and Easter dresses hung and ready to celebrate the true meaning of the Easter celebration...Jesus!

I hope that you and your family are celebrating his resurrection as well and enjoying a bit of the candy and hoopla that makes it fun and entertaining for all of us.  Have a great Easter and enjoy your time this holiday with family and friends.  

Much love,  

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Moxie Lisa said...

Look at all of your Easter loveliness! I haven't done anything to get ready for Easter this year. :(