Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Pick a seat

If you are in the market for a new car seat for your little one, this post may be of some help. As a parent you want the best when it comes to safety for your child. When our first child transitioned from her infant car seat carrier to a bigger forward facing seat, we were met with many options when we went to purchase a new seat. There was the fashionable seats, the cushy seats, the swivel seats, the combo seats, the "bells and whistles" seats...etc. However, none of the manufactures were making any claim to fame as far as car seat safety. With our child being slightly tall for her age, it was hard to find a seat that would support her back and have enough length to it to give her a good fit. The sales rep. directed us to the Britax line of car seats. I had heard of Britax and had done some research on their car seats and other baby items. Due to Britax offering an over-sized seat that fit our little one well and allowed room for growth, we were sold. We purchased the Britax Regent car seat. The seat will hold children up to 80 pounds. It is a large seat with plenty of head room, 5-point harness, chest and belly pads, side mesh bags for storage and it has a removable washable seat cover. You can check out the Britax web site here http://www.britaxusa.com/. They offer a variety of infant carries, car seats, strollers and other baby items. If safety is first on your list, please check out the Britax car seats for your little one.

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