Saturday, February 14, 2009

Crash and burn

OK, so this is not all! You know my new laptop that I just purchased 7 days ago. Well, it's fried! Yep, serious! It was in the shop on the 7th day. "A VIRUS...again!", I said, like I hadn't heard that line before! So, needless to say I lost my computer again! Thank goodness there was no charge to me and my computer was able to be cleaned. We now have some super geeky, techo, anti-EVERYTHING program running on this doozie of a computer. Shew, I burnt it up in 7 days. Is that like a world record or something. You should have seen the geek squads face..."you've only had this for seven days?" It would have made you laugh. Just think of it, Miss. crafty over here has the geeksters puzzled...I was laughing(on the inside) and praying to the good Lord I serve that he would bail me out of this nightmare once more. Thank you're one awesome computer tech!


Cheri said...

What are we going to do with you and burning up computers? Hope they can fix this one!!

Kris said...

Ugg! That is the worst!!