Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Gifts of love

As I was strolling through the Valentines decor and candy goods at our local Target, I was struck by Cupid. Yep, he struck me right in the heart! Something came over me that was a total inspiration of love. Not the hot steamy kind of love that you read in some of those Valentines cards...shew some of them need a WARNING sign - LOL! It was just a true love, a love for life and what it has to offer. So, call me mushy I guess, but it was awesome. Cupid, thanks for reminding me of what love is and how thankful I am to have the family that I have. To my dear Tommy, thank you for loving me and our precious girls, we have a beautiful family. I love you...more than words!


Cheri said...

Very cute picture!! Hope you guys are doing well. Talk to you soon!

Kris said...

Heather, what a beautiful take on this time of year. I just love what you said. It really made me think and just feel complete gratitude. You're awesome.