Sunday, February 8, 2009

I'm back

Well, guess what? My computer has been officially pronounced dead! Yep, it totally stinks. The bright side is, all of my data was able to be saved...shew! And, due to my constant ventures into Tommy's office to use his computer, he got mad at me (not really)! He is weird about his office, it's like his domain. Everyone in the house is ban from entering, it's like a secret place or something. He's afraid we will mess something up. Imagine that, two kids and a me...what could go wrong, right? Anyway, he decided that the only way to keep me out was to get me a new computer. So, I'm "my" desk.

I know you all are ready to here about what has been going on the last couple of weeks here at the Roe house. It goes something like this...

Birthday #1

I celebrated my 31st birthday last month. We will leave it at that. Some events that day were too good to forget and others too crushing to want to remember.
*My mom and Roxanne made me this surprise birthday cake...delicious!*

Funky hair

The queen of ponytails decided that she wanted me to fix her hair with "lots of ponies". So, here is a little snapshot of what I came up with. It turned out pretty cute...for a four year old. It's not one that anyone over the age of 10 should attempt - LOL!

Birthday #2

Roxanne loves to go to Yuki, a Japanese restaurant here in town. She insisted that we go there for her birthday. But, ladies only..."no boys allowed" were the order from the birthday girl. So, my mom, Roxanne, Bryar and myself enjoyed a delicious and fun night with Roxanne at Yuki. My mom made a special birthday (surprise) cake for Roxanne. It was a Barbie birthday cake. She did a fabulous job and Roxanne was thrilled! Roxanne wanted a light haired Barbie...funny story!

Birthday #2 (continued)

We arrived back home from Yuki and the birthday girl quickly morphed into Barbie princess Roxanne. We invited our family to join us for cake and ice cream. Roxanne enjoyed spending time with her cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents. She is a social butterfly...she lives for friends & family! Happy birthday Roxanne, mommy loves you!

It's was a busy January for us. Now, onto February. Where does the time go?


Cheri said...

Hey Heather! Glad you're back and with a new look. Very cute new background. Looks like you guys had a great birthday month! Roxanne looks like she was having a great time as a Barbie princess!
Hope to talk to you soon!

Jana Floyd said...

Whew! I can't keep up...

Kris said...

Roxanne looks like she was having the time of her life! Some fun things have been going on for you- wonderful! Enjoy getting that new computer all set up, too!

Danille said...

Well, I'm glad you were able to save your data! And who complains with a new "toy", right?!! Looks like it all worked out, even though I know the past few weeks have been frustrating. I do have to say, however, that I am the same way with my computer as your hubby. I have it set up just the way I like it, and I'm funny about anyone else getting on it. Maybe because it's the only thing that's just "mine"?? Guess that's why we have 4 computers in the house! LOL Gotta love technology!! Enjoy "decorating" (as Levi puts it!) your new computer! :-)