Wednesday, November 18, 2009

because I'm gonna miss this

The days of a diapered rump are slowly coming to an end. For me, the diapers, bottles, passy's, burpies and bibs are so hard to let go of. Most people enjoy the fact of the easier life once a baby hits the toddler stage. Not me, I like all the baby goods!

I snapped this picture of little Bryar the other day while we were playing a game of chutes and ladders. As you can see, Bryar was sitting on the board, so you can imagine how the game went - LOL She was just being her cute little, fast moving self and I noticed that she was in a diaper and not a pull up. So, I ran for the camera, not knowing when I might get a chance to capture her cute baby legs and belly with her bottom wrapped in a diaper again.

Moms, please tell me it gets easier. Please tell me that I will not feel this way about every stage that my girls leave behind to march through a new stage in life. Please tell me that I am not weird for wanting to hold on to these baby/toddler years with such a firm grip....please!


Little Buttercups said...

Oooohhh, wish I could tell you it gets easier!
My daughter, Emilie had to bring in a baby picture for class and just this morning I was mourning having all three in daipers! I know, nuts right?!
Just miss the no set schedules, the getting to play and read a story just because! We can still do those things, but it has to be after school and after homework, after dinner, after gymnastics, always after something!
Again, sorry, but I miss all that too! Enjoy!

Lynette said...

I would like to say it gets easier, but I (like you) try to hold on with a firm grip too:) My first baby is almost 4! How did that happen? My second is still a baby, but growing ever so quickly that I know I too will soon be missing the "baby goods":(

Cheri said...

You are not alone...I thought I would be so ready for Maddox to be potty-trained but nope, not in a hurry. I tried for a couple of days, but one day I asked Maddox if he needed to potty and he said "no, I a baby!" and stuck his thumb in his mouth, grabbed his "diapie" & went to lay on the couch. LOL! So I put the potty chair away and we'll just wait til later.

SewSensible said...

I am with you..... it is SO HARD to let go of the baby days, and now the toddler days, and I can see how hard it is going to be to see the next days go by!!

Enjoying everyday, praying for the tomorrows and smiling at the beautiful yesterdays.

In Christ, Aimee'