Monday, November 30, 2009

for the birds

At our home, taking care of nature is a must! Living on four acres here in the south, nature is our friend. You see, you get back what you give away. If you leave trash around, lack on yard maintenance or just simply allow nature to take over, you get pest. You'll have nice little creepy spiders, mice and lots of other unwanted guest setting up camp around you due to the junk. But, if you are clean, keep things stirred up with lawn mowing, trimming, raking leaves, etc. those pest will stay back in the woods and the beauty of nature will show face. Pretty creatures like birds, butterflies, rabbits and deer.

So, since I like the pretty creatures much more than the pest, Roxanne and I made some good use of our left over fresh cranberries from our Thanksgiving punch. We took the cranberries and strung them onto yarn, making an edible garland for our outdoor friends to enjoy. I let Roxanne use a yarn needle (not sharp) to pierce the cranberries and string them onto the yarn. She got a kick out of being able to do this by herself!

Once the garland was complete, we draped it onto several branches in a tree for the animals to enjoy. Make sure you return the favor and give nature a little extra TLC this winter. It's always giving so much to us, let's not forget to say thank you!

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Kris said...

Those pictures of the cranberries are GORGEOUS!!!!! Oh, I can only imagine how much fun Roxanne had stringing those. What a good reminder about what we leave behind.