Monday, November 23, 2009

Indians, poems and food...oh my

Last week my husband and I joined the girls at preschool for their thanksgiving feast. It's always such fun to be with them and watch them interact with their little friends. Their preschool offers a free thanksgiving meal to each child and their guest. Their school also serves their entire church family a thanksgiving meal as well. They make over 1,000 plates of food to hand out as a warm token of thanksgiving blessings.

Each year that we have attended the feast, the kids come out to join us dressed in some type of festive attire, hand made shirts, decorative hats, etc. This year the preschool purchased shirts for the staff members and kids to wear at the feast. The back of the shirt was printed with a thanksgiving poem that I thought was very touching and revealed true thanks to the Lord above for His goodness unto us.

Make sure to take time to reflect and give thanks. I pray a blessing of love to you and your family, happy thanksgiving!

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