Thursday, February 11, 2010

berry angelic

OK, so maybe I am overindulging in the sweetness of Valentine's Day. However, I am not so sure that you ever need an excuse (or a holiday) to show a little love, right? Well, we all stuffed our faces full of some "berry" yummy angel food cake last night. Let me just tell ya, it was to die for. Oh, and the chocolate covered strawberries were an added bonus - LOL With some sugar sweet kisses floating around the house, mama will do just about anything to keep them comin' her way! Happy Valentine's...everyday!
Oh, and the plate? No, it's not our anniversary (Sept. we will celebrate #13). I just love fun plates. It's like getting two for one. A great sweet treat followed by a little sweet surprise of cuteness to make the last few crumbs even sweeter! Is that too much sweetness for one post? Naaaahhhhhhhhh :0)


Kris said...

Oh that looks very yummy!!! I'm with ya on the chocolate... :)

Cheri said...

Looks "berry" yummy! Happy Valentine's Day!!