Friday, February 19, 2010

earth, wind & fire

I have missed you guys out there in blog land. My week has been crazy busy with a mix of a whole lot of weirdness! Ok, let me back up before I move to fast, back to Valentine's week events. Roxanne and Bryar had a fabulous time at their preschool Fairy Tale Ball. I've got tons of pictures to post (maybe later), but I thought this one was just the cutest thing ever! The girls looked precious all decked in their princess attire, prissy hair do's and the whole shebang.

The kids have been out of school this week. They have been hanging with me learning the ropes of running a gift shop. At this point I have total confidence that they would be great as full time employees. They can scan an item with that fun little hand held scanner, they love playing with money, they have the best smiles and they are very eager to learn. Not to mention, the are happy with earning $1.00!

Speaking of the shop, it's getting close to our opening day (March 1st). It seems like time has flown by. Most of our plant products are in. We are still waiting to order our spring flowers. The growers should have them ready by April. So, mother nature has been hovering over the nursery taking in all the fresh beauty of the new arrivals.

The wind has been fierce! "March winds", we've got'em. It's not quite March, but man the wind has been stirring things up. I think the garden center crew has spent more time picking up plants that anything. Craz-EEEEE!!!!

Oh, so I guess you are wondering why my post title includes fire? Well, we had a serious fire. No damage done and no one was hurt thank goodness. My little Roxanne's clothes caught fire on Wednesday. I was guarding a gas heater and she ran between me and the heater. She got so close that her clothes brushed the face of the heater and her clothes immediately started to catch fire. She had a ribbon of rolling flames across her shirt in seconds. The flames never took hold of her shirt. I assume maybe b/c it was kids apparel that there may have been a flame retardant substance in the blend of the fabric. However, my honest thought about the accident is that I serve an amazing God who kept his hand on the situation and spared what could have been a tragic moment.

So, we have had a little crazy weirdness this week. My hopes are that next week things will fall into place as we have planned. Today is not showing any sign of "rest" - LOL I'm on my way to get a head shot of Tommy to submit for a magazine article that he wrote for one of our community magazines. We also had a local news station request an interview with us. They were total impressed with the garden center, yeah! Oh, but that was the day I spilt gas on myself, just thought I'd plug that in for laughs :)

Enjoy your weekend!


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh!! I love you guys & you calm, cool & collect attitude! I would be a wreck if that happened to Corban. Well, I hope to make it on March 1st! Good luck & I will be praying everyday for your success.

Kortnee said...

Awesome news about he article and interview! I can wait to read/hear them...let me know when! And yes, so glad little Roxy wasn't hurt. Can't wait to come out on March 1st!! :)

lynette said...

Almost a little too much excitement? Yes, our awesome God definitely takes loving care of all of his precious ones.
Been waiting for a new post, bu understanding how busy you are:)
Post the article and let us know about the interview - best of luck and congrats for both!
May God shine his glorious rays on your opening day. We'll be down in the spring - can't wait!

Kris said...

OH MY HEATHER!!! What a terribly scary thing to have happened. Oh, I am so, so grateful that everything turned out OK. A blessing indeed. I am really looking forward to hearing more about the shop opening! Please put up lots and LOTS of pictures!

Cheri said...

Heather, so glad to hear a good outcome to that story! Goodness, I was freaked out when I read the fire part! So thankful that God had his hand of protection on Roxanne and she is ok. Also, glad to hear everything is coming along with the gift shop, we hope to come visit it soon!