Sunday, February 14, 2010

"snow" in love

Happy Valentine's Day! We had a nice early Valentine's surprise with a blast of snow here down south. Mr. Roe and I enjoyed playing and building a snowman with the girls. However, nothing beats a little romance decked in white!

Most of the time we get a lite dusting of snow. However this time, Old Man Winter spiced things up a bit for a nice 4+ inches of fluffy snow. The kids were squealing with excitement from the minute the first snowflake fell from the sky.

It's funny how humans and animals have a very different concept of the meaning of fun. As we ran and played in the snow, Quinky (our cat) was making some horrific moaning sounds and Sam (our dog) was inside shaking and refused to come out of her kennel. It was quite a funny moment, for us, not the animals - LOL

After we built our snowman and ate our share of snow, we headed inside to warm up. Bryar had about two inches of ice that had formed and stuck to the bottom of her boots. My hands felt as if they had been burnt off and the animals needed to be calmed down :)

Later that evening when the sun had gone down, the snow started to look as if it were glowing on the tree branches outside. You know me, I had to get a couple of pictures of this gorgeous and rare event.

Our weekend was full of fun and memories that the girls will be talking about for a long while. Mr. Roe made home made nachos and mini burgers while I piled on the pie and ice cream sundaes all around! I had such a wonderful time. However, I do feel a little spring fever, it's in the mid 50's today. Yep, that's southern weather for ya!
Happy Valentine's Day y'all :)


Lynette said...

Beautiful pictures! Did Roxanne take the picture of you and Tommy? Absolutely heart-warming:)
Happy Valentine's Day!

Kris said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!!! First off, you gorgeous woman.... :) And I LOVE the pics of you and Tommy. So in love and it shows! There's nothing quite like snow pictures. You have some really beautiful AND memorable shots here.

Denisha said...

very great pictures! Most of ours were separated I need a tripod I suppose :)