Thursday, May 27, 2010


This little guy has one hefty bite! We found him in the filter of our pond the other day, what a surprise! The girls thought he was the coolest thing ever, that is until their daddy tapped on his shell and the turtle hissed and jumped to bite him. Holy cow, I had never seen a turtle do that! So, from that moment on the girls kept their distance.

Bryar however was like a little warrior chasing him with the fish net trying to beat on his shell, only making him that much more aggressive. So, by the time Tommy tried to capture him and carry him off to the woods, he was quite mad. You can hear the frustration in Tommy's voice at the end of video as he tries to get the turtle into a flower pot to properly dispose of him - LOL

The turtle was returned to the woods and we haven't seen sight of him again. Hopefully he has found better grounds to call "home"!


Lynette said...

"Two snaps up" for the pics and cute video.

Cheri said...

Wow, first it was a bat, now a snapping you live on a nature preserve park or something? lol! Great pictures of the wonderful nature around you...some cute and others not so much! I loved hearing Bryar in the video saying, "I will get that turtle". cute!