Monday, May 24, 2010

ruffles and roses

Remember about a month ago (maybe longer) when I had spent some time sewing? Yes, I know you're shocked, it's rare that "sewing" is a daily thing anymore. Speaking of sewing, I cleaned up the craft room the other night and ahhhhhhh, it's ready for some company once again. Oh dear craft room, how I've missed you :)

OK, back to my post. These little ditties that my girls are wearing is what I was working on back then. It all started with the black tank. I found it in the "give away" pile. It was a tank that I had embroidered for her last year that said "Happy Birthday". So, since it was only worn for last year's birthday celebration, I decided that it had way to much life left to be given away.

Off to the sewing table it went for an awesome makeover...ruffles and roses, what could be better! Oh, and big sissy couldn't be left out, so she got a new dress to match her sisters outfit! I love spoiling these little girls with handmade gifts from mommy :) Their giggles and hugs are worth every hour spent!


Cheri said...

BEAUTIFUL, as usual!! You did a great job, Mommy! :)

Kris said...

OH. WOW. HEATHER. Those are absolutely gorgeous. I remember that tank from last year and I love how you were able to still get life out of it by adding something so amazing. Those would look so pretty on handbags, too!

Amy J said...

Love it! How fun... And your girls are absolutely beautiful :) I love little girls; I've got three of my own! Just randomly found your blog tonight... thought I'd say hi!