Friday, May 7, 2010


I would have to say that the sound of ocean waves crashing against the shore, the squawking of seagulls and a gentle breeze is a feeling of serenity that is like no other. There is just something about the sound and the smell of the ocean air that gives a sense of peace to my mind and soul.

While away on our beach trip at Hilton Head, we took advantage of the ocean breeze and hit the sand for an afternoon of kite flying. There was a storm that was passing through that made the wind strong and gusty. The air was cool and almost chilly. It was the perfect day for watching our kites fly up, up and (almost) away!

Today while I was getting a little pampering done at my favorite day spa, the room was filled with the soothing sounds of the ocean. My mind took me back to our beach trip. It was almost as if I could hear the sounds of my girls running on the beach, playing in the sand and giggling. I recalled times Kimberly and I laughed, places we ate and interesting moments that only happen when kids are being times.


Lynette said...

You are just beaming with happiness.

Cheri said...

Looks like a the "windy" pictures. In the 1st picture, it looks like the wind is going to carry little Bryar away! So cute, glad you were able to get away for a weekend.

Kris said...

Oh what a special treat! You totally deserve a little break. The pictures on the ocean turned out so cute- good memories for sure to keep.