Wednesday, April 29, 2009

5 happy thoughts

There are many things that I find happiness in, much of it being my family and friends. However, here lately I have been digging deep inside to find what really makes me tick. There are many days that go by that seem to began and end before I realize it. I am a busy mom, like most, and the days seem to slip away. I find myself wondering if I gave it my all, if I made the most of it, if my labor really counted for something or someone(s). I am sure I am not the only mom who has sleepless nights pondering these thoughts. So, the next time you have the mommy blues or just a plain rotten day, give yourself a little treat. Find some works!

Here is a list of 5 things that make me happy. Like I said, there are many others, these were just some of the random and probably not so obvious things that I goes

1. I like to get a new toothbrush when I get a new tube of toothpaste.

2. I like to eat blackberries in a cup sprinkled with sugar then flooded with milk.

I like to use a clear glass so that I can see the blackberries floating's pretty!

3. I like to watch birds, all kinds. I love to hear them sing and I especially love to see them nest

and watch the babies come to life. We have had two seasons of birds nesting in a plant

near out front window, it's the coolest!

4. I love to smell baby lotion. Is that a mom thing? Man, talk about an addiction, I could lather

up in that stuff all day!

5. I love to buy paper! Paper products of all sorts...stationary, scrapbook sheets, plates and

napkins with colorful and fun designs, paper dolls, unique calenders & daily journals, note

pads, stickers, folders/organizers, gift bags, wrapping paper, crafty boxes...I LoVe it all!

Well, now you know some simple things that make me happy. What about you? Do you have certain things that you like to do that are not so ordinary? Please tell me I am not the only quirky one out there-LOL!!!

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Kris said...

Boy, Heather...I've been out of town for a few days and come to your blog and see how many wonderful things you've added since my last visit! You never cease to amaze me!

I'll tell you what...I think we are kindred spirits! :) One of these days we'll finally meet IRL and eat blackberries in milk!

Those are some great happy thoughts. Something that makes me happy is coming downstairs first thing in the morning and opening up all of the window blinds. I love the natural light coming in and it just makes me smile for a new day.