Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Paint in my hair

There is an awesome blog titled "Paint in my hair", however, this is not about that blog. It's about my hair! We have been in the midst of a living room and dining room makeover. Tommy and I worked together to primer the walls to rid any trace of the old wall color (yuck). I had primer from head to toe. I am a good painter but I am messy. After we got the primer on we called in the professionals to put on the paint.

See, a few weeks back the whole spring fever thing hit me one day and I rolled with it. I was in need of a change. Our living room lacked life in the world of color. With kids running about, I felt like we needed to add some vibrant kid friendly colors. And being a stay at home mom, the last thing I want to look at are ugly walls :(

I have been in love with lime green for quite sometime. I love it paired with orange, it POPS!! The love for the color combo came about when Sandi Henderson

debuted her Farmers Market fabric line.

(I am crazy for it, and my kitchen table is proof (pictures later)).

We decided to use those color tones in our home. We wanted a fresh look, not to loud, but something to jazz things up. Well, here's a sneak peek at it. Whatcha' think? The color is called apricot mousse. It's a light orange, it reminds me of those yummy orange cream popsicle that I love in the summer time....fresh!


Jana Floyd said...

I love the color combination!! It just sparks creativity!

Cheffie-Mom said...

I absolutely love it! Years ago I painted our tile floor. My husband got home and said, "Debbie - it looks like bowling shoes!" Creative is what I call it!

Kris said...

WOW HEATHER!!!! It's absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! Everything about it, I love. You are so brave to go bold and it's FANTASTIC!

Courtney said...

Very, very pretty! Can't wait to see more, and this kitchen table! Funny, we are doing the same thing right now! :) (Not orange, but painting living, kitchen, and dining)

Cheri said...

Will you please come to my house? I will go ahead with the dynamite right now so it will be ready for you when you get here! LOL!!!!
Love the pictures and the bright colors!