Sunday, April 19, 2009

fun love

I love to have fun and it is fun to love. I had a whole lot of all of it this weekend. Tommy was running in a 10k race Saturday morn. (he placed and got a medal!) so, Roxy and I decided to tackle my old bench with some red paint. I wanted the bench to have kind of a old farm house look, not a perfect finish. I love the way Roxy holds a paint brush...she's in charge! We got a little paint happy and now I have a red front door! - LOL However, it looks pretty snazzy along side the red bench and it dresses up my unique hand crafted door hanging (I picked it up at a craft fair) on my glass door.

After I had cleaned up all traces of the red paint I headed out to the yard to snap some pictures. I love my colorful wind chimes (also a craft fair goodie) that tinker with the slightest breeze. They are hanging in a large tree (cork screw willow) that I purchased for my husband (a birthday gift), so it's kind of a sweet spot for me.

Bryar had us all rolling with laughter with her shades she stole from Mr. Potato Head. The large blue rims add a funky look to that precious baby face. Bryar is a very spontaneous kid. She's always up to something and most of the time it's something silly! :)

Poor Sam! It seems like my dog always gets left out. Most of the time she is sniffing out trees looking for lizards, chasing the cat (Quinky) or hid out in Tommy's garage trying to take a nap. Well, she decided to join us in the yard for some family time. I got a quick picture of her just laying in the yard hanging out with us. She's a great dog and I have always loved her rich chocolate color. To bad she wont wear a collar, she'd look good in pink!

I hope you had as much fun and love as I did this weekend. I was way overdue for a good dose of family time, sunshine and a little red paint (wink)!


Katie said...

Heather I love your photos everything is so bright and cheerful!

Jana Floyd said...

Wow! I love all these pictures! Especially Bryar in blue glasses.. hehe!

Bonnie said...

Your blog beams with happiness! Thank you for letting me visit while Debbie has been away. She will be back in her blog groove soon!

Kris said...

Oh my Heather! Red is my absolute most favorite color. Your door being done in that color is just stunning.

I love what said when you shared, "I love to have fun and it is fun to love."

How true that is.