Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Pink it is!

My little Roxanne has a belt fetish. I am not sure what started her on the fad of wearing belts, but she loves them. It seems like she's always wearing a belt. She will make them out of my fabric scraps, tying each piece end to end. She will tie her jump rope around her waist, my soft tape measure, blankets, ribbon and anything else that has any length to it! It's funny to watch her come up with new "belts" - LOL

She has about 7 belts in her closet that she wears. The problem is most of them are store bought and they have an unfriendly buckle that she struggles with at potty time. So, to make her life a little easier I made her a couple of Velcro belts. She loves pink, in any shade, so when I saw these ribbon prints I new they would be perfect!

Roxanne loves her new belts and mommy loves making her happy (wink)...I love you Roxy!

1 comment:

Kris said...

Those are the CUTEST belts ever!!! And velcro is a brilliant idea, too!