Wednesday, May 6, 2009

It doesn't take much...

to give me baby fever! We took a short trip down south this past weekend. I was able to visit with my family and see all the kids. WoW! I am not sure how we managed to all have kids at the same time, but boy is it fun to see them all playing together. The picture above is of me with sweet little Mia. She is the newest addition to our bunch of youngins - LOL She's got some cheeks that you could just kiss on all day. And the picture, well it was taken by her mommy while I was goo-gooing with Mia. New babies are just the best!

While enjoying a birthday celebration for Ginsey, the kids were splashing in the pool and the slip and slide. What crazy wet fun that was. Bryar was trodding about munching on some pizza, offering it to anyone who showed interest. Roxy was keeping up with the boys running about. Little Ginsey got a surprise puppy for her birthday. The puppy was cute as could be and my sweet little Ginsey Grace was one proud pet owner!

Oh, and I made Ginsey a little apron dress for her birthday. You can check it out here and it's also on my Flicker badge over there on my sidebar!


Cheri said...

It doesn't take much to give me baby fever either, cause I have it really bad right now! lol! I think it is because Maddox is turning two next week - not sure. But Russell is probably praying that it passes, and quickly! :)
Cute pictures, glad you had a fun weekend with family!

Kris said...

What a sweet picture to capture! There's nothing quite like holding new little ones.

Lynette said...

I enjoyed spending time with you and your adorable family!
The kids were all too cute and the next time we're together will be way too big!
Mia loved snuggling with you and I'm glad she gave you baby fever:)

Cheffie-Mom said...

Precious pictures! What a fun weekend!