Friday, May 15, 2009


Chick-fil-a is great about giving kids an educational "toy" in their kids meals. This month we have gotten several kids activity books. While taking a quick look at one of the books with Roxanne we found a page that gives instructions for a nature walk, discovery, plant and bug life...and so on. Roxanne was intrigued by this and wanted to go on a nature walk.

We decided to take our nature walk this week. Boy was I surprised at some of the creepy crawlies that live around our home. Here are a few pictures of what we discovered. I will have to say, the nature walk was pretty cool!

These are baby praying mantis. They hatched on a chair on our patio last Monday, they were everywhere.
Here is a picture of their nest

Yes, birds do live in this gourd. I see them flying in and out several times a day.

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Lisa said...

Those praying mantis are so cool but you can keep the spider! I almost jumped out of my chair! LOL