Thursday, May 28, 2009

Memorial day

There is nothing like the sweet smell of a memorial day cookout, or any cookout for that matter. After our weekend of outdoor fun, I was in no mood for a high maintenance kind of cook out (not to mention that I had been up with a sick kid all night). We didn't plan a thing for Memorial day, we simply just had a day of doing what-nots. I took a trip to the fabric store, the girls rested with their Daddy. It was a kind of rainy and overcast day so we were hesitant to fire up the grill. After much debate, Tommy decided to take a trip to the store for some steaks and sides. He surprised me with a few treats....cantaloupe was one of them! Nothing says welcome summer like a good ripe cantaloupe. Their sweet, I love their orange color and they are a kid friendly food! Ya gotta love'em :)

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Kris said...

I agree! And what a pretty picture of the cantaloupe, too! We're growing some in our garden this year- I will eagerly await their "arrivals" in a couple more months!