Tuesday, December 22, 2009

blue Christmas

This past weekend we headed to the north Georgia mountain to visit with Nana. I had my fingers crossed that there would be just a smidgen of ice hanging from the tree branches and covering the fields and pastures. There is just something about a white Christmas or snow days around the holiday season.

Unfortunately, there was no ice nor snow in sight. However, I do not ever remember seeing the mountain look so blue. They were beautiful. I made Tommy stop the car, back up and let me take a picture (yep, he's just that sweet!). I could not get over the rich color of the mountains, the falling leaves and the clear sky, it was picture perfect!

We traveled up the road from there almost at Nana's driveway and we met this fun guy, a burly horse. He had his winter coat on for sure. He looked so woolly and think, I just had to take a picture of him!

After seeing all of that, I think a blue (mountain) Christmas may be just as pleasant as a white winter wonderland :)

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Kris said...

Oh my! That "blue" Christmas is absolutely gorgeous!!!